​4th August (Date flexable. Depends on weather forcast)

We usually don't go on a family trek to the valley of flowers.  Too many people go there, and we usually prefer less popular excursions..  If we go, we go in 'off season' when the flowers are buds or after the flowering... We just really enjoy the silence of the mountains more than horses and donkeys trotting up and down the beaten path with many people around... This time, we're making an exception.  We haven't been to the valley since the 2013 flood and have heard that it has changed quite a bit.  The hike up from Govind Ghat to Gangaria has become 9 km instead of 15 km thanks to a road that takes you the first few kilometers up.  Badrinath is only one hour away from Govind Ghat, so we would really like to go to that magical place too.

The dates and days are flexable.

Who would like to join us?



Day 1    Leave Shivanandi after breakfast and drive up to Govind Ghat (5 hours drive)

              Lunch in a local Dhaba on the way

              Stroll around the area, enjoy the crisp air

              Dinner in a guest house.

              Sleep in a guest house.

Day 2   Breakfast in the guest house.

             Drive a few kilometers.  Trek up to Gangaria village.  Sleep in Gangaria.

Day 3   Breakfast in the guest house.

             Trek to Valley of Flowers and back to Gangaria.

             Dinner in guest hosue.

             Sleep in Gangaria.

Day 4   Trek back down to Govind Ghat.

             Drive to Badrinath.

             Sleep in a hotel in Badrinath.

Day 5   Early morning Darshan in Badrinath.

             Drive to Mana village.

             Walk around

             Sleep in a hotel in Badrinath.

Day 6  Drive back to Shivanandi after breakfast (6 hours).

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​12 August - 18 August 


After Shanti's magical birth, she had colic.  She cried day in and day out.  Shalabh became so sad hearing her cry, that he just had to leave to the mountains.  He went out for a few days and when he came back, I asked him where he had been.  He said he went to "Happy Valley".  I asked him "What? That doesn't sound like a local name to me..." He said "It's not local, it's their nick-name...  I made it up.  It's just that all the people in this valley were so happy!".  This is the area we would like to revisit for the fourth time now.

It is superbly beautiful!

It is off the beaten track in the sense that it is not on the main tourist - pilgrim route, which makes it even nicer!

People are smily, Honey bees thrive, flour is ground in tiny local water powered grinding huts, veiws, smells and sounds are stunning.

Shanti (5 years old now) and Maya (9 years old) will be setting the pace (8-10km walking a day).

You are welcome to join us on this Family friendly break.


























4.8    Leave Shivanandi after breakfast and drive up to Lohajang (5 hours drive)

         Lunch in a local Dhaba on the way

         Stroll around the area, enjoy the crisp air

         Dinner in a local guest house.

         Sleep in a local guest house.

5.8   Breakfast in the guest house.

         Drive 10 km.  Trek up to Didna village.  Camp in Didna village.

        (horses will help us take our gear to the camp)

6.8   Trek to Ali Bugyal.  Camp just below the bugyal (the medow).

7.8   Trek to Bedni Bugyal.  Sleep on or below Bedni Bugyal.

8.8   Trek to Wan.  Camp around Wan village.

9.8   Walk around Wan village and drive back to Shivanandi River Lodge.



Take a look on the trekking page.  Those were taken one and a half years ago.

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JUNE 2015

​2 June - 9 June


Beautiful unspoilt valley.  3-4 hours drive away from Shivanandi.  An escape from the heat of May in the lower mountains to crisp air, clean water and happy smily simple people.  Our family is heading up (Shalabh, Alice, Maya (8) and Shanti (4).  Who wants to join us?



2.6    Leave Shivanandi after breakfast and drive up to Malari (above Joshimath)

         Set up camp in a beutiful valley (horses will help us take our gear to the camp.

3.6 - 8.6  Daily walks to beutiful villages and peaks in the area.

         Those who wish can just stay in the camp and enjoy the cool picturesque area.

9.6   After a slow breakfast, we will pack up the camp and head down back to the road.

        Drive back to Shivanandi River Lodge.


Here are a few pictures from the adventrue... We went to Badrinath temple too:

shanti and me

shanti and me

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rock on sand pillar

rock on sand pillar



road to badrinath - ice

road to badrinath - ice

maya in badrinath

maya in badrinath

maya carving ice

maya carving ice

ice seat

ice seat

do you want to build a snowman

do you want to build a snowman

cedar trees

cedar trees



wild goat

wild goat

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APRIL 2014

​8 April - 14 April


World reknown Yoga Master Eyal Shifroni from Israel will lead a 6 day Yoga Trek workshop at SHIVANANDI RIVER LODGE

The workshop will include two intensive sesisons of Yoga every day and one 5-6 hour trek in between.  The morning Yoga will be more intensive and the evening Yoga will include more Pranayam and relaxation.



8.4    Arrival at the lodge aound lunch time, Evening yoga session.

9.4    Morning Yoga session, Trek 1, Evening Yoga session.

10.4  Morning Yoga session, Trek 2, Evening Yoga session. 

11.4  Morning Yoga session, Trek 3, Evening Yoga session. 

12.4  Trek 4, Camping.

13.4  Trek 5, sleep at the lodge.

14.4  Morning Yoga session, relax, Evening Yoga session, Passover meal.

15.4  Drive back to Rishikesh / Delhi. 





MAY 2014

We at SHIVANANDI RIVER LODGE have time and again seen children glued to their mobile phones, their televisions and computers and this often increases when kids have nothing to do especially during summer. And then we have also seen children at their happiest best when immersed in nature. We are very sure about their growth when subtly challenged in the outdoors, under the caring and encouraging eyes of good outdoor teachers.We excel in all the adventure sports, are highly qualified and are sensitive towards the different learning curves exhibited by kids by activities they enjoy. This program aims to share what we love with the ones you love the most, your kids.



The GROWING OUTDOOORS program would be a 7 day action packed week where participants will be taken through various activities and taught different skills.


0700-0830: Get ready! Eat, clean, stretch.

0900-1230: Activities

1300-1400: Lunch

1430-1700: Activities

1700-1930 : Games/Informal activities/Fun/Campfire/outdoor movies

2000 : Dinner

2130 : Lights off


Travel from Delhi to Haridwar would be by overnight sleeper train and further from Haridwar to Shivanandi would be by bus/jeep with regular breaks along the way.



We have eight fabulous double rooms. They all have attached bathrooms with solar heated water. All the rooms overlook the Alaknanda River and are constructed of rock plastered with mud using local knowledge. The traditional construction assures that the rooms stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Food and Water

We provide locally available vegetarian organic food as much as possible. We have our own free range chickens for eggs. The milk comes from village cows that eat freshly picked grass.Any special dietary requirements are happily catered to from kosher to vegan or Gujarathi.Shivanandi has been generously blessed with lots of spring water. We tap a spring on our land for all our needs. The water in the bathroom taps is pure mineral water, sweet and free as nature intended it to be.



We at Shivanandi will try our best to provide activities that help in the wholesome development of the child as well as be of immense fun. The activities that we would be conducting are:

Kayaking - We aim to introduce young kids over the age of 6 to kayaking. It is conducted in a flat water environment and very safe. Older children above the age of 10 will be introduced to slightly higher levels.

Rope activities - Tying knots, using ropes for safe descents over steep ground etc.

Survival Skills - Starting a fire, choosing a camp, setting up a shelter, cooking simple food etc.

Art/craft - Depending on interest the kids and can include painting, weaving, knitting etc.

Photography - Simply spending time with a camera and trying to capture nature through a lens. Simple rules, basics of shutter speeds and film sensitivity will be shared.

First Aid - Basics of how to deal with bleeding, avoiding injury, evaluating seriousness and just simple basics of dealing with small injuries that are a normal part of life.

Village interactions - Rural life has its own special skills, we will be sharing and interacting with the rural folks to learn and appreciate this overlooked aspect.HikingFollowing a trail, simple navigation, safe walking, looking out for your partners and enjoying nature!

Camp out - Sleeping out in a tent within the safety of Shivanandi Riverlodge.

Swimming - For those who can or cannot, we will use the pool to cool off on hot days and introduce the children to water and the use of safety devices like ropes and life jackets. Eligibility : We at Shivanandi believe that the outdoors is for all age groups. We like to work with age groups of 8-18 years of age and parents are welcome to join the programs or relax while the kids play.


JUNE 2014



Loads of continuous technical Class IV whitewater in a stunning and remote valley. This trip is being offered the first time by us but you can be assured that know this river like the back of our hand!It is not you every day rafting expedition. You have to be upto the challenge, be a swimmer and have a decent level of fitness. The expedition starts with 30 kms of easier whitewater where we train the team. The next few days on the water are a continuous water fun park experience with camping in tents, great food and company in the evenings.The trip will finish at shivanandi and a rather well deserved farewell meal and hot water for bathing await.
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We will raft and kayak the Tsarap Chu River in Ladakh starting 12thSeptember 2014.  This is the first time a rafting expedition on this river is being offered as a commercial trip, and it is an expedition in every way.  The length of the expedition, the altitude, the cold, the remoteness, the whitewater all combine to make this a challenge.  We will stand up to the 300 km challenge with the best planning, logistics and river team possible.  It is also going to be Shalabh's 40th birthday on the river, on a river that has been a very big part his career as an expedition boater!  Details and prices of these special trips are on request only.  So yeah, if you are interested in something guaranteed to be very special, mail us...
shalabh gahlaut, shantimayi, shivanandi river lodge, rishikesh, rudraprayag, kayaking, yoga retreat, ganga, organic food, family holiday, himalaya, chopta, tungnath, himalaya, הימלאיה, רישיקש, גנגס, רזורט, טרק בהימלאיה, חופשה משפחתית, אליס מילר

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