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Kayaking at SHIVANANDI RIVER LODGE is our passion. The location of the the lodge was chosen so that it would be on a perfect river junction of the endless water flowing from the glaciers to the plains. We promote the sport of kayaking in India. We conduct beginner courses, as well as advanced whitewater courses. Advanced kayakers can find all the river support needed and also a home in the Himalayas. Here you'll find some information about the courses, and also about the main rivers around and through the lodge.


Learning how to roll in the kayak training pool

Sorry Maya (here, 2.5 years old),

still just a little too young!


We love the river most when we are in a kayak, WHY? Come on over for a few days and we will show you why kayaking is the most fun thing on a river!

Learning how to kayak, takes time. Try to plan at least 4-5 days for a basic course. Always better to do it with a friend. It makes it much more fun and also provides you with a paddling buddy for your adventures as a kayaker.

We have a pool to help with some basics like the Eskimo roll. The rivers around here are perfect for learning or improving river skills.

There are audiovisual aids and books to read.

The instruction is supervised by Shalabh who has gained much experience from paddling with some of the best kayakers from all around the world. After 20+ years of kayaking first descents and working with rafting all over the Indian Himalaya Shalabh found a perfect place for living and running the best whitewater in the Ganges River Catchment.


Gyatso guiding Neha from Banglore

in our home Eddy


Learning how to kayak is an ongoing process of learning and growing becoming more and more familiar with the river, while improving your technique and river reading. We organize private and group advanced workshops depending on your skill level.


Independent kayaking teams can receive all the support needed for multiple day trips on the multitude of rivers around the lodge. Kayak hire, raft support, vehicle drop off, pick up and road support.

We used to look like this.

Road support in Dada's car...

Then we upgraded to public transportation...

Now we have our own jeep which can go nearly anywhere...


Kayaking is a fantastic way to learn patience, love of nature, endurance, overcoming hidden fears and much more while having fun and doing physical exercise.

We conduct week long workshops for kids in SHIVANADI RIVER LODGE or at an alternative vicinity.

In the picture you can see children from Rudraprayag District on a week-long course organized by the District Tourism Office in May 2012.


The Alaknanda River flows nearly touching the lodge. It is our "Home River". The Mandakini and Pindar river are a close drive away (1 hour). Other rivers such as Bhagirati, Sarju, Kali and Mandal are a bit further away. In the Monsoon (July-August) there are endless streams which turn into flood rivers. Fantastic first descents just waiting to be run.

SHIVANANDI RIVER LODGE is located on the banks of the Alaknanda River. The Alaknanda is one of the major tributaries of the Ganges in the mountains, the other big tributary being the Bhagirathi with the infamous dam at Tehri.

Above Nandprayag most of the rapids are Class 4 with a few at the Jailhouse & Nandprayag which are Class 4-5.
Birahi to Nandprayag has too many good rapids to keep track of, but some of the stouter rapids are at Nandprayag and at the newly constructed Jail (look out for high walls & barbed wire).
The middle of the river from Nandprayag to Rudraprayag is class 3 with the occasional class 4 rapid.
Gauchar to Shivnandi is another easy section of Class 3 whitewater with one Class 4 rapid.
The lower sections are easier class 2-3 around Srinagar.
Shivnandi to Rudraprayag is a fun 13 kms with numerous easy Class 3-4 rapids and a large rapid in the entry to Goats-Leap Gorge (Kakkar Fall) just above Rudraprayag.
Rudraprayag to Dharidevi temple is 20 kms of class 2 with one Class 3 rapid.

Nice rapid a few km below the lodge

​The Alaknanda River right under the lodge



It seems that the secret of this hidden gem is finally out.  The Mandakini provides the nicest of class V Alpine Himalayan kayaking.

The Mandakini River is 10 kilometers away and joins the Alaknanda River at the pilgrim town named Rudraprayag.
The section down from Rampur until the Kalimath bridge is lovely steep class IV+ with hardly any portaging.

From the Kalimath bridge to Syalsaur is class IV with a few bigger rapids to be scouted, including the Dam.
The river mellows out below that until Thavali, with a few class IV s in between long gaps.
Thavali to Rudraprayag is extremely fun class III-IV.  In this section we also raft on the Mandakini.
The grades described rise very quickly with higher water and when very high, it is one scary long rapid.
High water does also offer further creeking on the tributaries of the Mandakini.

Video clip of the upper Mandakini 

video clip of the Lower Mandakini

Taken by SRR - Southern River Runners,

a community of kayakers from South India.



The Pindar is a fairly long river running from the Pindari Glacier and then descending through remote canyons with steep whitewater until it emerges close to Deval as a mature river with sandy beaches and relaxed class III and some class IV for about 60 kms till it meets the Alaknanda at Karnprayag.

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