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Rafting gives you a chance to experience the river up close.  A moonlit night on a virgin river beach after an action packed day on the river is magical.  Bring your friends along and we will help you chose the right descent for you.  The rivers range from class II to class IV, multiple or single days on the river.  Come and experience the silent calm of gently flowing water to the building up roar of the rapids.


The Alaknanda has all kinds of rafting.  Luckily we have a base on the river which makes it easier to raft this river.  There are a few options depending upon the season and more upon the capabilities of the team.  For the harder but super fun Class IV sections we paddle and practice for a day on an easier section of river.

Class 2-3 from Rudraprayag to Dharidevi (20 kms)

1 day rafting

Class 3-4 from Nandprayag to Rudraprayag (40 kms)

2 days rafting 1 night river camping

Class 4-5 from Birahi to Nandprayag (20 kms)

1 day rafting



An action packed 10 kilometers from Tilwara to Rudraprayag has eight Class IV rapids and almost a dozen easier ones.  Most of the time the river is in a narrow canyon and the guide uses all the help he can get from his paddling team to get the raft down the technical and steep rapids.

The river requires an efficient and top notch setup to run it successfully. The gear and the guides are the best available.  If you feel it wasn’t exciting enough we can take you on the upper section of the river which offers even more challenging rapids!



The Pindar River offers anything from a one day Class II-III trip 10 kms long, to a 100 km multiday Class III-IV expedition through a quiet and unspoilt river valley.

In higher water found in the summer and in early fall (late September to early October) the rapids get a little longer and harder making it a continuous Class IV trip.

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